St. Michael's Friends

The New York Landmarks Conservancy believes that "it is time to designated this significant church complex".
The Historic Districts Council has recognized St. Michael's as one of their 2015 Six to Celebrate sites as they feature ALL of the LPC's attempted de-calendared sites.  

The New York Landmarks Conservancy identifies both St. Michael's and the IRT Powerhouse as two buildings they feel should be landmarked, among others from the attempted de-calendared sites.

Previously, the Victorian Society of America spoke out for the designation of St. Michael's.  Please read their letter.  

Architects see the value in the designation of St. Michael's Church as well.  Read a letter by architect Page Ayres Cowley in support of recognizing St. Michael's as a landmark. 

Columbia University Director of Historic Preservation Andrew S. Dolkart supports St. Michael's Church and its adjoining Parish House and Rectory for its "picturesque" special character. 

Former Landmarks Commissioner, architect Stephen Byrns shares his experience as an active member of St. Michael's and supports designation of the entire church complex.

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