St. Michael's Milestones

1807 - St. Michael's Church occupies what would become recognized as Manhattan Block 
            1871, a site that it would remain upon in various iterations through present day.

1820 - St. Michael's hires William Richmond as rector who instigates an almost century of 
            leadership by various family members.  Under Richmond's leadership, the Church is 
            financially stabilized and flourishes.

1837-1842 - St. Michael's founds six churches in Oregon (including Trinity Episcopal  
           Cathedral, the Cathedral Church of the Diocese) and Wisconsin.

1852 - A crowded church yard leads the Church elders to seek new land for a cemetery in 
            Newton, Long Island; modern-day Astoria, Queens.  

1853 - St. Michael's first church burned to the ground.
St. Michael's Second Church Building, 1854-1891

1854 - St. Michael's second church on the site is 
            consecrated.  This church is twice the size
            of the first. 

1880's - Planning begins for a third church, (the 
              current structure) on the site of the 1807 

1891 - Large enough to seat 1,500 congregants, 
            the Robert W. Gibson church is dedicated.

1895 - Seven lancet windows are commissioned 
            from Louis Comfort Tiffany

1902 - Educational, Artistic, Social, Athletic and Spiritual uses are accommodated by  the 
            Thomas McClure Peters Memorial Parish House, Robert W. Gibson's second 
             commission for the congregation.
  1912-1913 - A Rectory, Robert W. Gibson's 
            third and final commission for the 
            congregation is completed. 

1921 - St. Jude Chapel is constructed.

1927 - Architect Robert W. Gibson dies in 
             Woodbury, NY

1967 - A Rudolph von Beckerath organ is 
            installed in St. Michael's.

1980 - St. Michael's Episcopal Church,  
            Parish House and Rectory is first heard by the New York City Landmarks Preservation 
            Commission, no action is taken.

1991 - An extensive, multi-year restoration is completed.

1997 - St. Michael's Church is recognized by the National and State Registers of Historic 

2008 - St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Parish House and Rectory is heard by the New York 
            City Landmarks Preservation Commission for the second time; again, no action is 

2014 - LPC Chair Meenakshi Srinivasan attempts to "de-calendar' 95 sites that have 
            languished on her agency's calendar without final decision.

2015 - The Backlog Initiative is introduced.  The public will be able to testify on Thursday, 
            November 12th but is encouraged to register to speak no later than Thursday, 
            November 5th.  Final decisions will be made and designations granted by the close of 

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